Why HeadStrong SLP? The answer in three parts:

Dr. John Rosenbeck, an extraordinary SLP, Professor, and ASHA Fellow, spoke at the MSHA conference in 2011. As I sat taking notes, he said something profound that has stuck with me to this day. He said “Speech-language pathologists are the trainer of cells.” To me that means, my daily work with children and families is helping them wire and rewire their neural pathways for better communication; we are strengthening the brain at a cellular level and making “heads strong.”

Growing up, the word “headstrong” was often used in a negative way to describe me. We have learned much about children who are driven, passionate, outspoken, and strong-willed over the years. Time has shown that many of us end up with high levels of resilience, have great integrity, are leaders, and become entrepreneurs (GoZen, n.d.) I gratefully acknowledge the experiences and journey that have led me thus far; being headstrong has led to HeadStrong SLP.

Lastly, HeadStrong SLP started because of a personal pursuit to improve my wellbeing and overall wellness (Ping Su-Kubricht, 2019). The year 2020 forced me to step back and examine each area of my life and make critical decisions that would change my direction for the better. I continue to make my heart, body, and mind (head) stronger and I already see the positive change in my wellness. I look forward to what the future brings.

For more on these topics:

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